raspberry pi, omxplayer(1)


I am a performance artist who use the video.
So now I am use computer srick by Intel.


Then, my friend use the raspberry pi.

I already know it, but did not touch that.


Looks so cool and now I start leaning.

In Kinokuniya, Shinjuku, I bought that books.



←Mr Kanamaru write many version, plz pick 2016 ver.

But they did'nt tell me omxplayer.


Yesyerday , when we have the Exhibition, my friend Nob's raspberry didn't work.
Though he was not in there.


I've just got that the most rudimentary understanding,like cd, ls,..., so I try to write something.


omxplayer  --no -osd --refresh --o local
example.mp4 --loop


Problem was the data are displayed after line feed processing.
Then, I alternated to a line.


omxplayer  --no-osd --refresh --o local  --loop example.mp4

The video place was...




If you use USB.

sudo mount/dev/sda1/mnt

Remove it

sudo umount/mnt


Is it useful?

see you soon~!


version: raspberry pi 3
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