Taking everything with you

Taking everything with you

To do an artist in Japan requires a lot of money.

When there is an earthquake, you have to evacuate immediately. If you don't already know what is important to you, and leave your house carrying junk that doesn't really matter to you, you'll be sad afterwards.

There is a Japanese artist named.. (omitted the chapter)

There's a Korean artist named Sooja Kim, who makes art with traditional cloth. Her work is called "Bottari Tricycle".
To us, her work may seem exotic. But that exotic feeling is often a selfish reaction by people from an outside culture or country.
This is a problem that exists all over the world. 
Regarding my own art, though, I put on costumes and take pictures of myself in various environments, like nature, or the city.

Maybe you've heard of the Japanese concept of Dan-Sha-Ri. That is, getting rid of everything that you don't need. 
It's an Asian way of thinking – or, to be more specific, it's a quite Japanese way of thinking.

Even if they have plenty of materials available to them, they should think of what materials are really best suited to their work.
To think about important things is to think about our own lives.
We should make use of our possessions, and not be used by them.