Kodansha announced on Saturday that they will release a new manga in the Hypnosis Mic franchise.


This Manga will center on the Osaka and Nagoya Divisions.

③マンガはKiko Aiba、シナリオはYuichiro Momoseが担当します。

Kiko Aiba is drawing the Manga and Yuichiro Momose is writing the scenario.


The group got the first position in a twitter ranking as the most popular voice actor Twitter account in Japan for 2018.

◆My thoughts

For Hypnossis-Mic fans, it is important to get the information of the who writes the Scenario and draws the Manga. So it announce that first. Then, who voice acts the characters are benefitial information. I really curious about what announcement enhances the Fans reaction.

This Manga is written by not only Manga artist but also by substantial Fans.